Reduce Your Overhead & Increase Profits

Outsource your Data Enrichment and Internal Services

Complete Data Enrichment Services 

By outsourcing your chat support, customer support, email support, appointment settings, inbound and outbound calling, lead generation confirmations, multiple data enrichment tasks, Salesforce, internal service agents...

you will save on payroll management costs along with no W-2's, no 1099's, no internal HR expenses for this section of your business. Reporting is easy with Trello and internal email. Rates as low as $15 per hour. 

Customer Phone & Chat Support 

Answer your phone via a soft phone; Salesforce, RingCentral, Dialpad

Email Support & Nurturing 

Organize email, handle inbox, nurture leads with your systems and copy.

Inbound & Outbound Calls 

Calls to customers, leads, team members, and receiving of calls.

Complete List of Data Enrichment Services You Can Outsource to Get It Done For Me Virtual Services:

  • Date Enrichment 
  • Inbound and Outbound Calls 
  • Customer support: Phone, Chat, Email
  • Salesforce data management
  •  Internal Service Agent duties
  • Setting up Appointments
  • Lead generation Confirming Information
  •  Searching Contact Information for leads
  •  Email management 

Get Started Now

Once you have registered and paid for services , we will begin the process of sourcing and interviewing and testing applicants in your behalf. This saves your HR department a lot of time. When one of the virtual assistants quits or goes AWOL, we immediately begin the interview process to get a replacement.


3 Full Time Data Enrichment VAs @ 40 hours per week each VA



/every 2 weeks 

  • Working time: Your Time Zone  
  •  We qualify your VAs 
  • We interview applicants 
  • Automated  Payment structure
  • We source for applicants
  • We do the payroll for your vas

4 Full Time Data Enrichment VAs @ 40 hours per week for each VA 

PLUS Social Media 



/every 2 weeks 

  • All Full time Benefits  
  • Social Media Branding and & Marketing - 40 hours every two weeks, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Instagram ( ask for others)       

About Katerina Gasset, Owner & CEO 

Hi, I’m Katerina Gasset

Changing lives one family and entrepreneur at a time ...  Our  team members are in the Philippines. My passion is to see the change that our company provides in a third world country. The average factory worker in the Philippines gets $2 per day, a nurse or teacher gets $200 per month. We pay our team members way above those rates so that they can live in a real house, send their children to school, have running water and electricity. What we take for granted here in the west is not readily available to those who live in third world countries. 

Changing their lives, their world, their reality .. yes... I wake up excited to be a part of this vision. 

                     Join me on my mission to help change the world one family at a time in the Philippines...

There are about 16 million Filipino women in the workforce in the Philippines. The Philippines is a third world country where single women, especially, must work in order to provide clean water and food for their children. 

There are over 2 million women who are head of their household, who have children and no spouse. Single womanhood is frowned upon in the Filipino culture. 

Many of these women have to go work in factories and other labor intensive jobs. The more educated women work mostly in call centers to provide for their children.

Many of these women are also financially providing and caring for elderly parents and grandparents. It is not like in the United States and Canada where women can get government assistance, food stamps and section 8 housing. In a third world country even clean water is a big deal. Here we take water from granted.

My mission is to reach these women in the call centers and offer them data enrichment positions to work from home so they can be near their children and be a part of their lives while still providing food to eat each day and clean water. 

When you register for our services, you are providing jobs to help empower these women and help raise their families out of poverty. 

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