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What Will You Do With the Extra 100 Hours I Give You?   

How Will You Grow Your Business with the 100 Hours?

 "I am very impressed by the work you do and the magnificent system you have. 

. - Kari

What Can you do with an extra 100 hours in your business?

Digital Marketer Jumpstart Outsourcing Package

100 hours for $15 per hour ~ Use anytime within 90 days

Limited Offer ONLY for Digital Marketers and Agencies!  

When I meet with digital marketers I find the biggest hang up to moving to the next level in business is they keep working on the tasks that someone else can do for $15 per hour. 


How much money can you really make in your business when you are working for $15 per hour? There are only 24 hours in a day and you need to sleep too! 

I met with a digital marketing agency the other day. The owner has run his company for 9 years and he has been doing all of the work, all by himself. He has paid his overhead and his bills year after year, that is great. However, that is not why we own our companies! We want freedom of time, lifestyle perks, and real growth in revenue. 

“Hi, I am the owner and CEO of Get it Done for Your Virtual Services where we do your tasks for you so you can grow your business and have a life. ”

Katerina Gasset - Owner & CEO 

Social Media Marketing and Graphic Creation 

Stop spending your time curating content, writing posts, creating graphics  to share on your social platforms. 

Blogs, YouTube, Videos, Content E-commerce Tasks 

Stop wasting time doing tasks that are easy for outsourcers can do for  you and spend that time growing your business! 

SEO, Website Maintenance, Google Tasks, Branding, and more... 

These are HUGE time suckers! I know, been there, done that!  Get your life back! Delegate these time robbers to your outsourcers! 

And  We Can Do a Lot More for You...

What is holding you back from taking your business to the next level?

Stop Procrastinating Right Now! 

One of the biggest obstacles to delegating your tasks is money. When you reach out to marketing agencies the average cost JUST for social media marketing is $50 to $150 per hour and they will need a high retainer agreement. 

If you plan to hire in-house a good and well qualified social media manager be prepared for the industry average of $54,000 annual salary and that does not include your share in taxes, benefits, etc. And that is just social media! What about branding, emailing, CRM, SEO, content creation and distribution, advertising, public relations, analytics, Google tasks, e-commerce tasks, website development, issues, and a lot more... 


Discover what our clients say about our services:

I've known Katerina for 8 years, and her work ethic is second to NO ONE'S. She is knowledgeable, reliable and always at the top of the charts, no matter what the topic. If she participates, you know she will reign #1.  
Imagine having #1 as a VA!!! Did I mention, Katerina is also an SEO expert, ... leader in our profession, Now she offers all of this background to provide assistance to you virtually. Don't think twice about it....just call her.

Barbara Todaro 

Get started with your 100 hours now!

Use your hours however you need to within the next 90 days!  Painless onboarding! Imagine your life changing as you get the stuff you should not be doing off your plate! 

Onboarding is a breeze... 

Discover project management on Trello! 

  • Watch the video on the right here >>> 
  • You can see your projects moving along and when they are completed on your Trello board.
  • Take a tour of our project management system.

One Stop Marketing Outsourcing

We have specialists in many areas at your service.

We provide support for digital marketers and agencies. If you are an agency we can run your tasks in the background while saving you a lot of overhead and headaches in hiring and training.

Get Started Today - Limited Time Offer 

These customers love our product.

Here's why:

Katerina and her Get It Done For Me team have really helped to implement and refine the processes in my business.

I am Business Strategist & Mindset Coach who works with creatives and is a creative myself - and the detailed and repetitive tasks don’t come naturally! LOL

So we work together to make that irrelevant…

Sometimes it’s hard to pull my head down from the clouds in order to delegate effectively…..

However when that Trello notification pops up with Daisy or one of the team letting me know a task is done, it’s an immense relief and I know it’s worth it! :-)

Because I’ve been free in the meantime to focus on where I add the most value in my business - with my coaching clients and in marketing myself…."

Best wishes, Una

MICROMANAGING and control Issues Hinder Your Success...

About Katerina Gasset, Owner & CEO 

Hi, I’m Katerina Gasset

Changing lives one family and entrepreneur a time ...  Our  team members are in the Philippines. My passion is to see the change that our company provides in a third world country. The average factory worker in the Philippines gets $2 per day, a nurse or teacher gets $200 per month. We pay our team members way above those rates so that they can live in a real house, send their children to school, have running water and electricity. What we take for granted here in the west is not readily available to those who live in third world countries. 

Changing their lives, their world, their reality .. yes... I wake up excited to be a part of this vision. 

Stop wasting time and money!

You are wasting time which you can never make more of or get back. 

You are wasting money by working for $20 per hour or less... Stop this madness today! 

We become your team. You can whitelist our services for your clients ... We have your back... 

Whether you are a one person team or an agency when it comes to scaling you must outsource. There is no other way which is more cost effective and time saving. Our team is trained in specific skill sets so you don't have to do trainings unless you have a proprietary system and even then the team members are fast learners. We hire only the best.  


Here are some common questions about Get It Done For Me Virtual Services.

How do I know what tasks are being done? 

Where can I see the tasks that are completed?

What if I get sick, get super busy,  or go on vacation, do my tasks continue? 

How do I reach you when I have a question? 

What is your refund policy?

What happens if you have to go over my hours or if you are under my hours I order?

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