Are you tired of Doing All Your Business Tasks Yourself?

I get it. It took me a long time to get over being a perfectionist in my businesses, But guess what... perfectionism is the enemy of success.

When you spend your life micromanaging others or doing everything in your business by yourself ~ you won't be able to scale your business. Growth never happens by being a Lone Ranger. 

The next step is to hire employees or take on partners along with all the drama that goes with that.

You may be thinking this is your next step or you may have been hiring people to work for you in your office or freelancers... only to find out... it is a huge expense and you are spending more time.... hiring, training, and then firing or laying people off or they just quit. How fun is that! 

Yep, been there, done that too.

I have been an entrepreneur all my life. I have opened and ran multiple businesses and companies over the years. All by the school of hard knocks... no business degree... the degree I earned is in failing and succeeding in different businesses. 

Once I knew I had to get help to grow any of my businesses, I started with the following: 

  • Enlisting Interns 
  • Hiring Administrators, Receptionists, Clerks, and others
  • Freelancers and Specialists
  •  Trainees 

Then... It All Changed in 2007

I was learning Search Engine Optimization, started my first blog ( it was called a weblog back then), and applied it all to our real estate brokerage at the time.

We became wildly successful, so much so, that I was getting 4 to 6 short sale listings every single week from blogging, pushing us into the top 1% of closed transactions in our MLS, during the real estate bust while real estate agents were dropping like flies. 

At any point in time we would be pushing through 45 to 60 short sale listings... this is a lot of work. We hired some of my adult children to help but even that was not enough help. 

Then I met an App developer who suggested I hire virtual assistants from the Philippines. Since I lived in Hawaii for 5 years, this was perfect for me as I know the Filipino culture very well. 

My life and business changed forever... 

I started to develop my own Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Blogging, courses... which were very successful. 

My internet presence opened so many doors, from speaking engagements all over the country to being a business coach and consultant to help entrepreneurs to grow and scale.  

Clients, students, friends, colleagues, all asked me to help them get their tasks done. I referred them to my virtual assistants in the Philippines. 

In 2016 I took over the Virtual Assistant company I had helped get off the ground in the Philippines when the owner wanted to close it down. 

   Get It Done For Me Virtual Services was born!

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