Take a Tour of Your New Task Management System ~ We Use Trello with Full Transparency so You Know Your Work Is Moving! 

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Trello Tour : We Offer You Full Accountably and Transparency 

It's not enough to hand off your task flow to virtual assistants or any company for that matter, without some form of communication, and knowing what tasks are being worked on and which ones have been completed. 

When you take this tour of our task management system, you will see common and custom workflows. We customize your tasks and work on what you need to get done. We are not like other outsourcing companies who need you to fit into their system. While we have a system for task management, we customize your tasks based on your priorities which may be totally different than the next person. Make sure you watch this entire video we created for you ~ Stay informed! Stay in the know!  

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Download the Checklist~ What You Need to Provide 

How GIDFM Works Behind the Scenes for You

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do I know what tasks are being done? 

Where can I see the tasks that are completed?

What if I need to add on more hours to my block?

What if I get sick, get super busy,  or go on vacation, do my tasks continue? 

How do I get my tasks to you?

How do I reach you when I have a question? 

Who do I notify on Trello, who do I tag? 

What happens if you have to go over my hours or if you are under my hours I order?

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