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Real Estate Agents & Brokers!  Why are you still doing everything yourself? We 

make your life easy... turn over your marketing, listing marketing, SEO, branding, 

social media, press releases, seller reporting, transaction follow up, CRM, newsletters, 

appointment calls, lead follow up, email systems... fast and easy onboarding! 

15 Ways for You to Grow Your Business!

Hi, I am Katerina Gasset, licensed Real Estate agent since 1983. I know what you live each day... I know what you feel each day... and I know what needs to get done so you can make sellers and buyers happy! 

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I've known Katerina for 8 years, and her work ethic is second to NO ONE'S. She is knowledgeable, reliable and always at the top of the charts, no matter what the topic. If she participates, you know she will reign #1.
Imagine having #1 as a VA!!! Did I mention, Katerina is also an SEO expert, real estate coach and leader in our profession? Now she offers all of this background to provide assistance to you virtually. Don't think twice about it....just call her.

Barbara Todaro

They are absolutely brilliant! They work tirelessly on all my social media channels and produce excellent results. For the price, they CANNOT BE BEAT! I can't thank them enough.

Connie Wolff

Get Started Today! No hassle, no long term contracts, flex hours.

What sets us apart from other virtual assistant companies is that we know real estate. You also don't have to worry if you don't need full time hours! Our minimum order is only 10 hours per week. 

We offer specialized services for the real estate industry. 

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