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Delegate My Task Website Review by Beth Veilleux Straessle

Beth Veilleux Straessle

I've been with Get It Done For Me for so long I've lost track haha. They have been awesome to work with and everything is super organized with them. 

Delegate My Task Website Review by Suzanne Cupit

Suzanne Cupit

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you listening and addressing my ideas.  I love that we are making great progress together to help me find my voice on social media!

Delegate My Task Website Review by Jennifer Hollowell

Jennifer Hollowell

Your Facebook page just got me a $400,00 sale on a new construction it won't be closing until December but I asked them specifically how they found me.

Delegate My Task Website Review by George Gervais

George Gervais

Katerina - Thank you for posting the instructional video on your YouTube channel! This past week, I set out to teach myself to build my website. I started the task...You've given such great value. Thanks again.

Delegate My Task Website Review by Candace Haltom Robinson

Candace Haltom Robinson

I've known Katerina for several years now, and she is not only very talented, a sharp lady and knows her stuff! "Proof is in the pudding" is an understatement! You can't go wrong with working with Coach Katerina!

Delegate My Task Website Review by Brian England

Brian England

It sounds like I missed another great zoom meeting, Katerina Gasset is a wealth of knowledge!

Delegate My Task Website Review by Christine Pappas

Mayra Luz Colon

Wow, this is great news! Thank you so much for the quick responses and Katerina for taking the time to respond. Definitely great advice! I will follow her recommendations and create content for the topics most asked for.

Delegate My Task Website Review by Christine Pappas

Christine Pappas

So glad to hear this Katerina! You are a strong and inspiring woman! I’ve believed in you and your coaching for a long, long time. I say do what moves you first.

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