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Social Media Managers 

Save hours and hours of time by delegating your social media management to our vas. Our team creates your editorial calendars, plots out your daily post categories, creates your content, posts and publishes, sends monthly reports and maximizes your social footprint. Click here for more information...

Google My Business SEO

We have an amazing Google My Business local SEO team with Google Local Guides who will help your GMB page get on the Google Map and into the top 3 in most cases. Click here for more information....

Inside Sales Agents (ISAs)

Our ISAs rock. We get results for our clients. The ISA professionals can make your appointments, do customer service calls, work your CRM for you, take orders, process orders, call your leads... and much more...

Data Enrichment Services

Data Enrichment Services... getting past the gatekeeper, getting the information for your sales team to get in to give presentations, background data collection and data mining. Click here for more information...

Search Engine Optimizing

SEO- Search Engine Optimization. Get on page SEO done right, back-linking, citations, article marketing, YouTube SEO optimization and much more....

Blogging & Content 

Content creation takes a huge part of your day and that is every day! Delegate your writing, blogging, and posting tasks to our dedicated writing team, auditors, and posters. Click here for further information on how to get started.

Appointment Setters

Appointment setters are also called ISAs. Our professional appointment setters know how to make your appointments; no rejection issues, no too busy to call issues, no excuses... you know.. the ones you make every day you don't make your lead calls... get this off your plate today: 

Email Management 

Email management is another area where we fall down all the time as entrepreneurs and business owners. How many times have you said you would start emailing your contacts and your list... and then don't... Tell me about it! Not my strength either - but our virtual assistants can take this over for you... 

Inventory Management 

Trouble keeping your employees to stay? Inventory management is a big task you can outsource to our virtual assistants: fulfillment, warehouse management, shipping, labels, skews... and more. You can also keep your prices lower with cost savings by outsourcing. 

Customer Service/Chat

Outsource your customer service and delete your problem of employees not showing up to work, get rid of rude responses, and hire virtual helpers who love their jobs. We can fill these positions for you for a fraction of what you are paying currently. 

Listing Marketing (RE) 

Show off to your sellers with a top notch Listing Marketing campaign! Get your listing in front of the most qualified buyers on the internet with our one stop Listing Marketing, all done for you! Click here to learn more.

CRM Management 

When was the last time you were consistent in contacting your sphere of influence, leads, and past clients? If you are like me there just is not enough time in each day to get through all my contacts consistently. Hire one of our ISAs to handle this for you! 

IDX Page Development

We are approved IDX Broker web developers. This means we can create your IDX neighborhood pages for you on your WordPress websites. Our tech vas know ow to build your IDX pages for greater engagement and lead generation. 

IDX Integration 

We are approved by IDX Broker to install and integrate your IDX Broker account with your WordPress site. This helps you to niche down to your avatar and in the geographical area you are working in. 

Website Development

We are experienced and skilled in WordPress development, setting up hosting, installing WP, working with your domains, designing your website to match your avatar and audience, including landing pages, services pages, about pages....

On Page SEO

Hire our SEO department to get your on page SEO up to date including categories, titles, meta tags, alt tags, optimizing images for fast page load speed, and more...outsourcing this task saves you thousands of dollars each year.

Reputation Management

Got a bad review? We can help you mitigate your bad reviews and recover from them with positive reviews and setting up your reputation management systems to monitor your name and brand. Being proactive saves you thousands of dollars before you ever get a bad review or trolled. 

Citations & Reviews 

Gone are the days where reviews and citations don't matter. Rarely will you find a lead who has not looked you and your company up online before they do business with you. Our vas handle your reviews and get you the citations you need to build your online NAP and reputation. 

Press Releases + Submit

We offer 2 press release options. One for local media and the other for national press backlinks. Our local media option is invoiced by the time that is involved with your project. Click here for further information about our national press release service.

Facebook Ads 

Hire our professional social media vas and our FB ads vas to handle your boosted posts, targeting your custom lists, connecting zapier to your CRM, doing lead pages, video ads, and creating audiences for better lead generation. 

Lead Generation 

Our virtual professionals can help you get leads by implementing any of your lead generation systems, CRMs, calling your (cold, warm, hot) leads, handling your emails, working your lead programs, and more. 

Funnel Implementation

Whether you are using Thrive Themes ( the best), Click Funnels, Kajabi... outsource your funnel implementation to our team of virtual professionals who will follow your best practices to get your funnels up and running. We are certified funnel strategists. 

Branding & Graphics  

Stop paying hundreds and thousands of dollars getting your branding colors, logos, watermarks, templates, and all your graphics completed for your business. Hire our team of graphic artists to get this done for you for a lot less and with better communication. 

YouTube Management 

When was the last time you checked in on your YouTube channel? We will take care of your YouTube optimization, channel set-up, video SEO, captions, tags, and analyzing your competition to optimize your titles. 

Video Editing & Creation

Let's be honest! Video editing is one of the most time consuming and expensive tasks you can do or hire out to do. Delegate your video editing to our video department and save thousands of dollars. You can also request to approve the videos before posting, which gives you peace of mind. 

Podcast Management 

Podcast management is another area of digital services we pay premium prices for. Hire our virtual assistants to manage your podcasts, turn them into videos for YouTube, and follow our best practices podcast checklist. We are part of Jon Lee Dumas Podcast Paradise and use his best practices. 


Hire your own half-time to full-time personal receptionists for your office, business, e-commerce, commercial operations, small business, service-based business. With as hard as it is to find anyone who wants to work these days, going virtual will save you time, money, and headaches! 

Executive Administrators 

I have a virtual executive administrator. It is the best outsourcing decision I have ever made. She handles all my personal and company tasks; anything she can do virtually. I get thousands of emails a day yet I only have to attend to about 2 to 3 of them of which she can't handle. She takes care of all of my messaging, project delegation and more. 

E-Commerce Tasks 

From Amazon listings to Etsy listings, Shopify listings to inventory handling;  our e-commerce department will bring your e-commerce business to the next level by saving you time and money so you can focus on building your brand and not focusing on hourly rate tasks. 

Bookkeeping Services 

Bookkeeping is one of the tasks I can not stand to do so I leave it to the last possible minute to take care of. But no more. Once I hired a bookkeeper - outsourcing became a breeze and no longer do I dread the bookkeeping since I don't have to do it myself! 

System Implementing 

Do you need efficient SOPs? Our virtual assistants can help you take your data, your course, your best practices and create your SOPs from them. This ensures your team is following your best practices and helping your company be cohesive across all platforms and tasks. 

Project Management 

Got projects? Maybe too many for you to handle at one time? Delegate your projects to our team who can handle a large volume at once. We do this for printing companies, security guard companies, digital marketing agencies and more... 

Fast Food Order Takers 

Tired of hiring and firing employees in your fast food restaurant? Tired of dealing with drama, calling in sick, etc? You can now have virtual assistants who can take orders virtually, process those through your computer systems, and more. Get with us about how you can start soon with qualified virtual order takers and customer service operators. 

Transaction Coordinators

According to NAR, real estate professionals spend thousands of hours a year just on transaction paperwork which limits their time for revenue-generating tasks such as prospecting, listing, and actually SELLING… Hire your Transaction Coordinator today! 

Authority Niche Sites 

Are you a blogger who wants to or is making money on your blog from ads, affiliates, courses? We handle authority niche sites with everything from writing articles, auditing, posting, sourcing graphics, videos, images, etc. Your one stop shop so you can focus on getting more traffic to your site. 

Income School Blogging

We are members of Income School/ Project 24. We follow the P24 methods for blogging and YouTube channels. We follow all the current updates and make adjustments as needed. From setting up your site and channel to article writing, posting, page speed, etc.... WE got you covered! 

Project Managers 

We can put our HR department to work for you in sourcing the perfect project manager for your company. We do all the vetting, going through resumes, doing all the initial interviews narrowing your pool of project managers down to the top 3 for your to interview. 

Political Campaigns 

Are you a politician who is busy getting your message out to the voters, your constituents and your future voters? Delegate your campaign to be fulfilled at less than half of what most campaigns will cost you. Take your message to TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook too! 

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Get It Done For Me Virtual Services 

Katerina Gasset

Changing lives one family and entrepreneur a time ...  Our  team members are in the Philippines. My passion is to see the change that our company provides in a third world country. The average factory worker in the Philippines gets $2 per day, a nurse or teacher gets $200 per month. We pay our team members way above those rates so that they can live in a real house, send their children to school, have running water and electricity. What we take for granted here in the west is not readily available to those who live in third world countries. 

Changing their lives, their world, their reality .. yes... I wake up excited to be a part of this vision.

The owner Katerina is all about excellence! I've known her for over 10 years and everything she touches works out incredibly well. Her clients know, like and trust her to put their needs up front and center.

Anna Kruchten

Real Estate Agent

Wowza! Katerina has completely opened my mind up in regards to SEO, websites, blogging, videos, listings... Her teachings are like no other. It can help ANYONE who wants to stand out from their competition. ANYTHING she is doing I highly recommend you to sign up! She is currently working on my website and it is coming along so well! I'm super super excited! THANK YOU!

Danielle DeSousa

Real Estate Agent

Katerina and her Get It Done For Me team have really helped to implement and refine the processes in my business. I am Business Strategist & Mindset Coach who works with creatives and is a creative myself - and the detailed and repetitive tasks don’t come naturally! LOL So we work together to make that irrelevant… Sometimes it’s hard to pull my head down from the clouds in order to delegate effectively….. However when that Trello notification pops up with Daisy or one of the team letting me know a task is done, it’s an immense relief and I know it’s worth it! 🙂 Because I’ve been free in the meantime to focus on where I add the most value in my business - with my coaching clients and in marketing myself…." Best wishes!

Una Doyle

Business Coach



I  wanted to thank you and your team for all your work.  It really helped my site move up.  It has made me one of the nations top real estate marketers.  I can say that between just 5 of my websites I have placement on the first page of google for several thousand pages for different key words.   Some pages I own it.  Some of them have 6, 7, 8 placements of just my websites.  On just my lake websites in Oakland County it is amazing that I have such high placement and multiple times.  That is not even including my relocation site and my metro Detroit site.  Or my multiple videos that you SEO'd  I honestly can't think of many other real estate agents that have the internet presence I do now. (It would be interesting to know if anybody else in the nation has that kind of presence)  And for that I thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Over the years I have read your articles and implemented techniques that have helped me.  Little pieces have made the puzzle come together.  Of course I have to thank a little angel that helped me in the beginning too.  Mary helped me often.

Thanks again and may life always treat you well.

Warmest regards,

Russ Ravary

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