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Delegate My Task Website Review by Russ Ravary



I wanted to thank you and your team for all your work.  It really helped my site move up.  It has made me one of the nations top real estate marketers.  I can say that between just 5 of my websites I have placement on the first page of google for several thousand pages for different key words.   Some pages I own it.  Some of them have 6, 7, 8 placements of just my websites.  On just my lake websites in Oakland County it is amazing that I have such high placement and multiple times.  That is not even including my relocation site and my metro Detroit site.  Or my multiple videos that you SEO'd  I honestly can't think of many other real estate agents that have the internet presence I do now. (It would be interesting to know if anybody else in the nation has that kind of presence)  And for that I thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Over the years I have read your articles and implemented techniques that have helped me.  Little pieces have made the puzzle come together.  Of course I have to thank a little angel that helped me in the beginning too.  Mary helped me often.

Thanks again and may life always treat you well.

Warmest regards,

Russ Ravary

Russ Ravary  REALTOR®

Delegate My Task Website Review by Anna Kruchten


The owner Katerina is all about excellence! I've known her for over 10 years and everything she touches works out incredibly well. Her clients know, like and trust her to put their needs up front and center.

Anna Kruchten  Real Estate Agent

Delegate My Task Website Review by Danielle DeSousa


Wowza! Katerina has completely opened my mind up in regards to SEO, websites, blogging, videos, listings... Her teachings are like no other. It can help ANYONE who wants to stand out from their competition. ANYTHING she is doing I highly recommend you to sign up! She is currently working on my website and it is coming along so well! I'm super super excited! THANK YOU!

Danielle DeSousa  Real Estate Agent

Delegate My Task Website Review by Una Doyle


Katerina and her Get It Done For Me team have really helped to implement and refine the processes in my business. I am Business Strategist & Mindset Coach who works with creatives and is a creative myself - and the detailed and repetitive tasks don’t come naturally! LOL So we work together to make that irrelevant… Sometimes it’s hard to pull my head down from the clouds in order to delegate effectively….. However when that Trello notification pops up with Daisy or one of the team letting me know a task is done, it’s an immense relief and I know it’s worth it! 🙂 Because I’ve been free in the meantime to focus on where I add the most value in my business - with my coaching clients and in marketing myself…."

Best wishes!

Una Doyle  Business Coach