Terms and Conditions 

Bulk Blogging Packages

There are no guarantees that Google will index or rank your content. This is up to you performing site wide SEO best practices, following Google YMYL and helpful content guidelines and establishing EEAT on your sites. 

Please DO NOT order bulk article if you are writing real estate, finance, mortgage, medical, supplements, or stocks and bonds content. If you are a realtor, in finance or any of the YMYL spaces, we can still do your blogging but it is another process altogether. 

There are no refunds. There are no revisions included in these packages. However, you can make revisions when you order the article embellishments. 

General Terms for All Services and Packages:

We have a "no refund policy". This is because the people in the Philippines get paid every two weeks. As soon as we onboard a new client, we are promising the vas the hours to count on. They live in a third world country where there is no safety net. If they don't get paid, they don't eat. They do not understand NOT getting paid for the work they do or for the work they are promised. Thus, we do the work or will do the the work, and there are no refunds. You may bank your hours if you need to put your work on hold. You won't lose your money.