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Welcome to your affiliate area where you can find training, email scripts, and answers to your questions for selling our Google Maps ( Google Business Profile) monthly packages. Please watch the training videos. I created them to be as short as possible. There is also a presentation below. 

The landing page for google maps is:

However, we like to use tracking codes. We will set you up with your own unique tracking code which will attach you to the people who use that link with your tracking code after you have made your first sale. 

Watch This Video Explaining What Google Maps Is:

Please make sure you keep track of all your leads. We are not responsible for any missed commission payouts if you have not registered your leads. You can either send Daisy-,  a list of your leads you are working with or your can send her each one as they sign up or set up their onboarding call with Daisy. 

People will need to know who you are representing and a list of all of the tasks we can do for them. You may run into companies who don't want google maps services but want us to handle all of their social media accounts. Here is a video explaining a list of our services. You can also find this list on this page:

Sales Presentation for Your Training. This presentation is for you learn how to talk about Google Maps. Please send the leads to our landing page for information for them to learn about Google Maps. Don't give them a copy of this and don't send them to this web page. 

Here is a template for a cold sales email.  Please make sure to fill in all the essentials in the brackets such as the business name and location of the business you are sending the email to. You can copy and paste this email and save it to your documents or email server. 

You can also go to the google document that I link here- to access each of the emails as I create them and as we refine them based on the response rates, etc.

Subject: Unlock Your Full Potential on Google Maps – Move into the Top 3!

Dear [Business Owner's Name],

We specialize in helping Chiropractors like you to get higher visibility on Google Maps.

I noticed that you are currently positioned just outside the Top 3 spots on Google Maps for best chiropractors in  [Location].

Being in the 4th, 5th, or 6th place means you're on the verge of getting a lot more calls and clients but will never get there unless you get to the top 3 map listings. 

The top 3 listings on Google Maps get the majority of clicks and calls from potential customers. This is where you need to be. 

These spots are visible immediately to people searching for chiropractors in your town. 

Most people do NOT click on the little “more” button at the bottom of the 3 top listings on Google Maps. 

Moving into one of these top positions can dramatically change the number of calls and visits you receive from Google Maps. 

Our Google Map team specializes in helping chiropractors get in the top 3 spots on Google Maps and citations. 

To get started: 

We will complete- 

- A comprehensive analysis of your current Google Maps listing and overall online presence.

- Create strategies that align with your business goals and target audience.

- Offer Ongoing support and optimization to keep you ahead of the competition.

Taking action is simple. 

Go to:


To get started and to elevate your position on Google Maps and significantly boost your visibility to potential customers.

Don't let your competition beat you.  Let's secure your spot in the Top 3, where your business belongs.

Important note: We only work with one Chiropractor in each geographical area. 

Let’s get started. 

[Your Name]  


Get It Done For Your Digital Services  

Text or Call : 561) 570-1269 

P.S. To get started right away reply to this email with: 

Get Started! 

We will send you an email in return with our calendly link to set up your onboarding call with our Chief of Operations, Daisy Santos. 

The email will work better if you create screenshots and mark them up like the ones below. You can create your own easily if you are on a Mac with Preview or in Canva. 

This example is for Orem Utah Chiropractors - 

And then you can create a screenshot showing the business where they are at on the map: 

How To Find The #4, 5, and 6 spots to reach out to. 

Watch the video by clicking this link. It will take you to the Google drive where this training video is located.

If you can not access the video through the drive link, you can click on the private YOUTUBE link below: 

This is not published to the public so you won't see it on my YouTube channel. You need the link. 

Let us know if you have any questions, Please contact your sponsor with your questions. Thanks for joining our team! 

We know you can do this! 

Katerina Gasset, Owner and Founder of Get It Done For Me Virtual Services 

Certified Partner Digital Marketer 

landing page to send your leads to sign up to: