Google Makes Organic Search Updates – Don’t Miss These New Changes!

Rich snippets are the golden grail of search. In this article, I will go over what Google has changed in the page one results. 

More people click on rich snippets, google maps, and “people also ask” than they do on organic search results and google ads. 

Most bloggers like us write good quality content to win the rich snippet. 

Why do we want the rich snippet? Because it typically is in the spot we call, “Zero”. More searchers click on this spot so your click to your answer is higher, but not necessarily your click through to your website rate.

Spot Zero means it was above the #1 spot on Google’s page one. 

Here is what a rich snippet looks like now: 

Many times if your content is good enough Google will not just give you the rich snippet but also give you a spot in the top 3 of the search results page too. 

But that has all just changed! YIKES!! Not to my liking! 

Google has come out to say they will no longer let you have 2 spots on page one of their search results page if you are awarded the rich snippet. 

If they reward you with the spot Zero - meaning the rich snippet- they will no longer allow you to also have another organic search result on page one. 

Decision time! 

You now need to decide if you want to show up for the rich snippet or not or would you rather show up for the number one spot of the organic space. 

Danny Sullivan from Google tweeted: 

If you don’t want to get the rich snippet you can tell Google ( via some code) on your website that you don’t want to be in the rich snippets. 

The reason you may not want a rich snippet is that people usually don’t click over to your website from a rich snippet. 

Typically, the rich snippet answers the question for the searcher, and that is that. 

But this is a two-edged sword. 

More people click on the rich snippet than even the #1 organic result. 

You are gambling here. 

I advise most of our clients to go for the rich snippet. Even if the person does not click over to your site from your rich snippet, you are: 

  1. Developing your brand recognition 
  2. Building trust with readers 
  3. People can still see your URL 
  4. If you answer their question, they may make note of who you are 
  5. You can use good copywriting strategies to lead gen from the snippet 

Let’s face the truth here. Google does NOT want searchers to click off of Google. 

Google has been losing ad revenue. This is not good for Google. They are working on finding ways to keep searchers on the Google SERPS page longer. 

When someone types into the Google search bar a question or query, Google wants to make sure all of the choices are those which benefit Google and Google ads. 

Google’s desired results page would look like this (of course this depends on the intent of the search query): 


Featured snippet ( known also as Knowledge Panel) 

People also ask  ( “ ) 

Google maps and Google My Business listings ( Local Pack) 

Google images ( Carosoul ) 

YouTube Videos  ( Video Box) 

Related Questions 

If Google can fill up page one with all those - there is no room for organic results. 

There is no more spot zero. Spot zero has now become featured snippet counting as spot #1.  

There may not be a spot #1 if Google can get the algorithm to pull in all of the above instead. 

I am noticing this with more and more searches. 

My prediction is searchers will click to page two of the SERPS if all of page one is filled with the above. 

Because Google also wants a good user experience it will adjust the algorithm to match user intent. 

The AI ( artificial intelligence) gets smarter all the time. The more it learns to make a match of user intent to content type delivery the better our opportunity is as humans to adjust and improve our own deliverables. 

In spite of Google’s desire for you to not leave their property, Google also knows people are searching for deeper content and long-form content. 

This is why for organic results Google chooses the pages with 2000+ words. 

Google is consistently working on discovering user intent. In a perfect search, the algorithm would serve up its Google property dominated page to a person who wants a simple answer and a page of blog posts with long-form content to a person who wants to study a subject or get an in-depth answer to their question. 

Don’t give up on your long-form content. There are so many searchers looking for detailed content and you are the one to provide it. 

When you look at your competitors who show up for your keywords on page one, ask yourself, can you offer more value and add more words than the top article is giving? You need to know you can beat the #1 spot in order to get the #1 spot. 

If you can not do that, move on to another keyword phrase. 

No matter how much Google tries to clean up the spam and thin content more seems to creep in. Let it be known, the Google bots will catch up with the crap and those who game the system with black-hat tactics. These are short-lived. 

Stay true to your content and to your message. 

Those who add real value will rise. Always know and remember this. Truth. 

Stay relative no matter what Google’s algorithm does by doing the following: 

  • Know thy avatar 
  • Connect with your audience 
  • Be real 
  • Answer real questions people are asking 
  • Do your research 
  • Write content that resonates 
  • Be authentic ( you can still use ghostwriters) 
  • Leave lots of white space 
  • Add images ( ones you take or create) 
  • Embed YouTube videos in your posts 
  • Add Google maps if appropriate 
  • Create and add charts and tables 
  • Add Infographics 
  • Use onpage SEO 
  • Share your posts across social media 
  • Send out links to your posts in your emails 
  • Don’t be shy about your content

I know you can do this! And if you need a little help, we are here to help you. 

Are you a do-it-yourself blogger who does it all? You can do this! 

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