Instagram Tips That Work For Your Business

These are some new features and tips that Instagram rolled out that will help you move your business social media footprint forward. 

Whether you are a Realtor, an e-commerce business, a small to large brick and mortar storefront, a chiropractor or dentist, a coach or consultant…. 

Getting on top of your Instagram account is important but most often not executed correctly. 

All of our social media managers are trained in the current best practices. We create SOPs, (Standard Operating Procedures) for each social media platform. 

Here are the latest  tips along with a bonus tip to help you get more traction out of your Instagram marketing: 

1. Instagram rolled out desktop publishing. For outsourcing this makes publishing to Instagram faster and easier.

It also makes it easier for our virtual assistants and social media managers to work on your Instagram accounts. 

2.  IG is a search engine. Many users search using keywords, not just hashtags. While it is super important to use hashtags, you can now use keywords in your captions. Captions are now searchable.

Add captions to your posts using keywords but don’t make it look spammy. Use good SEO ( search engine optimization) best practices. 

3. Everyone can now add links in stories. It used to be only for select accounts.

Add links in your stories especially to your YouTube videos or your TikTok profile. Cross social posting is a good way to save time and money. 

4. Delegate your social media tasks today. This will save you so much time and money. Our virtual assistants are highly trained in social media tasks. 

Text –  561-502-1577 with your name and the words, Get Started. 

SUPER TIP: Create a code for your promo instead of using a link to click. Ask the users to use the code in a DM to you, then you can email them back the link.


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