Virtual Assistants for Lawyers

No matter what kind of law you practice, there are plenty of details that you have to address daily. 

You can delegate these to a VA, from scheduling meetings and filing documents to drafting contracts. Hiring a VA is an excellent choice if you’re a law firm looking for efficient, affordable, and qualified support.

Here is an in-depth guide for virtual assistants for lawyers: 

What is a Virtual Legal Assistant?

These are professionals working on administrative and other tasks within the legal field. Virtual professionals help lawyers do routine legal tasks more quickly and accurately. 

Virtual legal assistants do these tasks remotely. They assist law firms using digital means of communication. 

Top Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Legal Assistant

Here are some of the greatest benefits of hiring a virtual legal assistant: 

1. Saves time and money

You’re probably a busy attorney and likely choked up with countless tasks and managing a small team. Working with a virtual legal assistant frees up that time. 

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to pay employee benefits. There are no infrastructure costs. You don’t need to provide employees with the required software. 

This allows you to focus on the core legal aspects and avoid paying unnecessary expenses. 

2. Outstanding customer experience

Legal VA services lets you provide your clients first-class customer experience. 

A virtual legal assistant can easily keep in touch with your clients. They’re one step ahead in every aspect of professionalism, from picking up client calls to admin work. 

3. Improve your overall business efficiency

A dedicated virtual assistant will handle different tasks for you in one go. When you outsource, you will help enhance the overall efficiency of your law firm. They’ll also do legal research, client management, management of legal contracts, etc., for you.

This makes your internal operations seamless. Your core focus would be delivering better services and enhancing your skills.

A virtual assistant does more than take a few responsibilities off your plate. Find out how a virtual assistant can help your business grow faster:

The Most Common Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Here are some ways a legal VA can help lighten the load, making your hectic schedule more manageable: 

Legal and Research Writing

Legal and research writing are the key functions of every legal process or procedure. A virtual personal assistant offers you excellent professional writing and research services.

A virtual legal assistant will also draft, review, and analyze legal documents. They’ll also do legal and factual fact-checking and even briefs to standards. This helps lawyers immensely when preparing for trials. 

File Organization

Virtual assistance will keep your office files organized. Misplaced files or important documents can hurt your firm, creating a loss in revenue. 

You can give your outsources access to cloud-based systems assisting you with docket reviews and helping manage pleadings. 


Most legal proceedings are recorded for documentation and accuracy. But transcribing can take hours and an extraordinary amount of time. 

You can easily turn these recordings into written documents by outsourcing a VA. Intelligent virtual assistants will already be familiar with the terms and jargon used. Thus, they can work efficiently in their remote environment. 

Legal Accounting

Are you a small law firm or a solo practitioner? Don’t have an accounting department that will handle the finances of your account? 

That’s where a virtual legal assistant can step in. They’ll communicate with clients about statements. They’ll also solve cash flow issues or chase down late payments.

Phone and Email Inquiry Management

Constantly answering calls and emails can disrupt your workflow. They can also take valuable time from the case you’re currently working on. 

If you’re unavailable, VA services will give you peace of mind. Your personal assistant ensures that every call or email gets excellent customer service. 

Appointment Scheduling, Calendar, and Travel Management

Scheduling and confirming client appointments and other tasks take time. By allowing a VA to take over, they can keep your calendar more manageable. 

Also, if you’re on a business trip, you no longer have to spend hours looking for the best deals and hotels online. 

A virtual legal assistant will handle everything for you. It can be anything from booking transportation to other travel arrangements. 

Social Media Management

Are you planning to use social media in marketing your law firm? Our  team of virtual assistants have experience in social media marketing. Ideally, work with VAs that have experience in relevant social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. 

You’ll grow your online presence when you have someone engaging with clients on social media. Moreover, brand recognition will substantially increase. 

Not all virtual assistants are social managers. I discussed their key differences here in this recent article

Virtually Any Other Admin Task That You Can Dream Of

From ordering office supplies for you to helping you out with client intake, legal VAs can be invaluable resources. 

Still unsure of tasks that you want to delegate? Get our free list of 21 Things To Delegate Today.

Virtual assistants/professionals save you money, time, overhead, and HR duties. Most attorneys say they save up to 65% on payroll by outsourcing their tasks to virtual assistants. This is because you don’t have to w-2 your virtual assistants outside of the U.S., you don’t have to 1099 them either. 

You also save on employment costs and human resources labor. We handle all the staffing for you, we do the hiring and firing. You will save money by not having to pay for unemployment subsidies, workmen’s comp, social security, and payroll fees. 

Wrapping It Up

As a lawyer, you’re an expert in what you do ‒ in law. Having a virtual legal assistant to support you allows you to spend more time on what you’re good at. 

The best virtual assistant companies can take off mundane tasks from your hands. Thus, you’ll have more work-life balance. You’ll also be confident that all details are handled well and professionally. 

We’ve trained the most talented virtual professionals to handle these tasks from day one to offer you support in your law practice. 


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