Virtual Assistants for Therapists

You likely wear many hats running a private practice. Being a therapist is only a small part of your job description, especially when running a business. There are a lot of things that you have to do behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone.

Virtual assistants provide services for private practice therapists and wellness professionals. They are highly efficient, organized professionals who will help you get more productive work and personal life hours.

Here is a guide for virtual assistant services for therapists:

Tasks To Outsource:

Here are some of the ways how a virtual assistant can help manage your therapy practice: 

Managing Your Calendar

Managing your calendar takes up a lot of your time and energy. It’s not only clients that you have to keep track of. You also have personal appointments, errands, and personal time.

Do you always find your schedule colliding? Are you getting stressed out trying to fit everything in? If you find yourself struggling to juggle your schedule, that’s where a virtual personal assistant can step in. They’ll manage your calendar for you to focus on client hours.


Do you find bookkeeping boring? Well, you’re not alone. This task is among the most disliked tasks by many therapists and counselors. Tracking your income and expenses can be overwhelming.

But you must know whether you’re making money or just breaking even. You can’t scale your business if you don’t know.

That’s where a great dedicated assistant comes in. They’ll do stuff for you, from basic bookkeeping to helping out with self-assessments. If you’re the kind of person that hates keeping on top of your bills, expenses, and invoices, let a VA handle it for you.

Email and voicemail

Chances are, clients looking for therapists can be anxious or stressed. Waiting a long time to respond causes them to move on. This can hurt your practice in the long run. 

A dedicated virtual assistant can filter out spam and other unwanted emails in your inbox. Allowing a VA to step in and ease that burden. As soon as your assistant learns the ropes of handling clients, they’ll efficiently respond to emails as you would.

You can also have our ISAs or Inside Sales Agents can handle your client calls to ensure each of your clients gets responded to as fast as possible. Read more about an ISA's scope of work by clicking on this link.

Social Media Management

Whether you spend too much or too little time on social media, a VA can help. Do you find yourself trying to juggle multiple accounts? Maybe you’re too busy handling clients that you don’t have time to make regular updates on your social media account.

If you delegate these tasks to a VA, they’ll ensure all your social media accounts are always up to date. A virtual personal assistant makes your private more visible to your target audience online, repurposes content, and saves you from all that headache.

We have a lot of efficient social media VAs you can count on here at Get It Done For Me. Know more about what a social media manager can do for your business:

Website Maintenance

Your website should also speak to your target audience. A VA could get the work done if you need to have your site’s content updated regularly or simply want an SEO-friendly web copy.


Maybe marketing isn’t your strong point. But still, it’s one of the most crucial components to making your practice thrive! Marketing isn’t something that you do once, either. It takes constant effort. 

What if marketing isn’t your forte? Then, you might consider working with a marketing expert VA and handling this aspect for you.

Still not sure what tasks you can delegate to a VA? Get our free list of 21 Things To Delegate Today, by clicking here

Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Ready to offload the work you’ve been trying to avoid? Here are some of the ways how a virtual assistant can help you:


You might find it challenging to scale your therapy practice because you’re caught up doing admin work. A VA can help you improve your efficiency by caring for mundane and repetitive work.


You don’t need to invest much money to train new employees. Our virtual assistants are already equipped with these skills and are ready to bring them to the table. 

In contrast, by hiring someone full-time, you’d have to allow extra time onboarding and training a new employee, which leads to additional costs.


A dedicated assistant can help fill in gaps in your practice. You can also quickly scale up and down depending on your requirement to reduce costs.


Working with a personal assistant with a different timezone than you can be an advantage. You can delegate the tasks to them before signing off for the day. The work may have already been completed when you log on in the morning.

There are lots of other advantages of hiring a VA aside from the ones mentioned above. I explored these benefits in one of the articles here on this site. Read more about what delegating tasks can do for your business by clicking on the link. 

Wrapping It Up

As a therapist, you’re likely changing lives by helping people. But the first person that you should help is yourself. The key is hiring the right person, which takes time. 

Trying to navigate the waters on your own can be overwhelming. Our virtual assistants are highly trained, dependable, and knowledgeable, helping you with what you need. Our team of highly trained VAs lets you save 


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